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Dr Tuya Chuluuntulga        



General Practitioner with a Special Interest in Advanced Nutrition 


Specializes In:-

  • General Practice

  • Nutrition and Weight Medical Management

  • Minor Surgery and Joint Injections

  • Electro-acupuncture

  • Cosmetic skin rejuvenation



Professional Profile

Dr Tuya is an experienced GP with specialist expertise in diabetes, nutrition and weight management. She uses her considerable knowledge of General Practice to review and examine patients to establish any underlying medical disorders and prescribe treatments or refer for further specialist opinion. 


She works with her patients to prevent the onset of disease, delay age-related declines in health, and improve their health for optimal wellness and longevity. She offers wide-range of gender specific health assessments including travel and employment health checks.


She has extensive research and clinical experience in safe evidence-based customized lifestyle/behavioral change for patients with complex medical conditions. She gained a broad range of experience in various specialties during hospital posts within the UK with specialist qualifications and skills in diabetes, weight management, minor surgery, joint injections, cosmetic treatments and acupuncture/electro-acupuncture.


Her unique follow up approach, for which many GPs are too committed and busy to undertake, synergises the health benefits from nutrient-enriched foods and sustainable long-term lifestyle changes. She has academic credentials as an expert in this field with an MSc and PhD at the University of Aberdeen in Nutrition and Human metabolism. She worked in the Nutrition out-patient clinic in Woolmanhill Hospital and developed a Healthy Weight program for adolescents in Aberdeen. She was awarded a Primary Care Research Award by CSO.

She offers evidence-based Advanced Healthy Lifestyle and Nutrition coaching which is an effective approach that customizes individual dietary and exercise plans for patients, formulated after a thorough health and lifestyle/activity check-up. Dr Tuya focuses on the importance of delicious food that nourishes the body, reduces stress and boosts energy. Patients set and achieve realistic goals, learn how to overcome barriers to success and become motivated to achieve their ideal weight by applying specific behavior modification techniques. Highly accurate ActiGraph professional software and a sleek accelerometer are used to assess and monitor objective physical activity. Acupuncture is offered as an additional strategy to reduce stress and cravings.


Dr Tuya offers Skin rejuvenation treatments such as Platelet Rich Plasma “Dracula therapy”, anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers. The Dracula therapy is commonly used for sport injuries, tendonitis and osteoarthritis pain. NICE guidelines recommend Botox for patients with migraine who have not responded to at least three prior preventative treatments. Botox is an approved preventive treatment for migraine and excess sweating of hands/under armpits. Electro-acupuncture used effectively for many conditions such as joint pains, back pain, menopause, erectile dysfunction, urinary incontinence and many more.


Dr Tuya is passionate about the benefits of natural healthy foods, physical activity and holistic care. She genuinely cares about patients and is dedicated to providing the highest standards of clinical care and comprehensive continuity of care.


Professional Memberships

  • Royal College of General Practitioners                  

  • British Medical Acupuncture Society

  • Nutrition Society, UK

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